Curiosity Ignited the Fire

Do you still smell the same?
Intoxicating and inviting.
Being wrapped in your arms,
Would leave me drunk off desire,

Do you still taste the same?
​Rich, and melting in my lustful mouth,
Like freshly pressed coffee,
And sweet fragrant vanilla.

Do you still feel the same?
Would your touch leave me trembling again?
Would my hands still know you?
Grip you tight in ecstasy.

Over Coffee

Come on in.
Tea? Coffee?
Ah, coffee, good choice.
I'll just top up the cafetiere.

Your pictures,
Serve you but little justice,
You're attraction,
Is in the eyes,
Not the red reflection.

Your mannerisms,
Most enticing,
And the level of ease,
The flow of conversation,

Over a coffee,
I learned you,
Realized your significance,
The role you play,
In my small life.
The options you open,
The knowledge you offer.

Over a simple coffee,
We laughed,
Smiled together.
Enjoyed the bliss,
Of casual conversation


​Earth draws in,
The air tightens,
The fire burns bright,
The water eases slightly.

The earth calls out,
The air evades its own space,
The fire bubbles and burns,
The water dances on the surface.

The earth, pulls,
The air, leaves,
The fire, sizzles,
The water, flows. 

Just Passion

Your breath, let linger upon my neck,
Your fingers, let trail down my side,
Your tongue, let fire a million nerves,
Your body, let wrap around mine,
Without guilt, without revenge. Just passion

Yourself, let take me to a heaven upon earth,
Your hands, let caring caress me,
Your lips, let lock and dance with mine,
Your voice, let charm and impress me,
Without hate, without sorrow. Just Passion

Your length, let thrust through darkened hours,
Your touch, let explore most elated,
Your words, let enter and plunder,
Your eyes, let see beyond their sights,
Without other cares, without distraction. Just Passion

My New Craving

Inscribe your kiss upon my skin,
Rough - run your hands through mine,
My new craving - your touch, your words, your lips,
And your fingers trailing through my hair.

Let me, gentle whisperer, with pleasure over run,
As we both sigh and know that this is nothing but right,
Tickled with your lips, allow me to be free.