Cosmic Flicker

This single light strains to fill this room.
It reflects and refracts off the silk threads, 
weaving together shadows and shines
that may fill the gaps of heartstring walls.

The wax drips from this cup to fill another
that too will burn a flickering brightness
intended only for one room of valuable sight. 

This single light strains to fill this room. 
It dampens in flicker and dulls out in flame
with every patient, calming drop that drips.

The wax drips from other lights to fill this cup.
Connection forges a newly blossoming nova
that grins wide and reaches out to the universe.
This single light was made to light the cosmos.

Floating Until Left

Plenty of fish in the sea
Plenty of dead ones floating
Floating lifelessly
Floating endlessly
Endlessly stuck in a cycle
Endlessly bobbing along
Along the cold surface
Along the same lines
Lines of the horizon
Lines of a tourist's sight
Sight for the sorest eyes
Sight that fades away
Away from memories
Away from the aged
Aged like rotting milk or
Aged like wine
Wine sat in a cellar
Wine that's finely labelled
Labelled as refined
Labelled to raise the price
Price too high to pay
Price holds us back
Back from all our dreams
Back to the start
Start to feel bitter
Start to feel angry
Angry at the system
Angry at the man
Man united in struggle
Man up for the fight
Fight for what you want
Fight for that love
Love of another
Love of a connection
Connection to their heart
Connection severed so fast
Fast to move out
Fast to sell up
Up the ante
Up the stakes
Stakes in the dating pool
Stakes in the game
Game of dating
Game of swiping right
Right to get a winner
Right right left
Left with the dead
Left without anymore fish

For Gramps

Today there's a new bumble bee
hovering over the speckled daisies. 
Small wings play soft music to me
that sing the same words you did. 
Those songs still croon in the breeze
through the stripey bumble bee fuzz.

Tonight there's a new shining star
shimmering beside the smiling moon. 
It glistens brightly against the stillness
watching calmly over the world below. 
I swear that star has a laughing grin
from seeing the same pranks you pulled. 

Tomorrow there'll be something new
so familiar that it feels almost borrowed. 
The gentle reminder that you're near. 
You reflect in our features in the mirror; 
In our kindest deeds to our neighbour;
In the hearts that'll remember you forever. 

Better Free

Locked behind bones wrapped in brocade
an indelicate escape plea
screaming inward for a reply.
This bustle will surely outgrow
the short lived modesty debut.

One could claim you're on a crusade
offending nobles in a spree
until it's protests can outcry,
overpower, your own deep woe -
setting you down, trapping anew.

Perhaps you'll set to work, or trade
Or marry yourself a marquis.
Resolve your fate with one more lie:
he undressed you patiently slow
then treats you as more than a screw

In Old Age

Porcelain filled with lavender tea
sits delicately on the table.
The old doily cloth matches your dress,
were both inherited from mother?
Remember how she would laugh so loud?

Flower teased by a small bumble bee,
please ignore it if you are able
it will only sting if under stress.
Remember that advice from brother?
Bees have the temper of a storm cloud.

"I'm glad that we still have each other"
Oh how I wish you'd say this aloud