I was fortunate enough to have 5 pieces selected & published in Open Skies Quarterly – Volume Three.

Open Skies, like most magazines or journals of a literary nature, seeks to bring together a memorable collection of works from many unique voices. Some previously published, some previously unknown, and many that we hope will remain with you long after you’ve finished reading the works found in each Volume.

Keith Sparks Jr.

You can find this, and other, volumes of Open Skies Quarterly available for direct download here. Prefer a print copy? Click here to purchase

Most Recent Pieces

Poems of Smoke

Among The Coals Born in the hazed amber I was […]


Intuitively I knew to let it go before My mind […]

Driving Forwards

There was traffic on the A19 The toll of incorrect […]

Vicious Thirst

Originally Written 08/05/2020, Edited 12/05/2021 I want to set my […]

Citrine Dreamer

Originally Written 09/05/2020, Edited 12/05/2021 Bestowed gift of manifestation As […]

Writing in Café Covid-19

Original 10/05/2020, Edited 12/05/2021 There’s no dull background noise; Everything […]


A beautifully imperfect creation, Mottled in angst and frustration, Capturing […]

Question Touch

Do you have to scrub your skin too? Scratch off […]

Tar Kiss

I can stare you dead in the eye But only […]

Faithless Grief

I’m faithless and unashamed For God did not give us […]

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