Writing in Café Covid-19

Original 10/05/2020, Edited 12/05/2021

There’s no dull background noise;
Everything sits in the small foreground.
The music; curated for a young child,
Is as conducive to creative writing as
Feeding a lazy dog all of my pens
And burning each of my notebooks.
This room knows my name,
Yet insists on calling me mother
At every conceivable moment;
At each attempt to concentrate
On putting pen to digital paper.

Although, I’m not being charged extra
For dairy-free milk and chocolate syrup.


My dearest Armistead,

Why are you wearing this façade?
You know without me,
You crumble.
We together, as should always be,
Place purple ink lines and curves
On ice white paper,
To form resolution from heartache,
Reason, from mental confusion.
Give up the game!
You need to release those feelings.
Don't bottle up, or ignore me.
The delightful duo, us together,
Make words flow from letters.
I'm disappointed.

You haven't visited me lately,
Have you forgotten me?
How when life throws a curve ball,
We've always written it out,
Iterated logic from feelings.

Please, write back,
It's our survival.
Your sanity, expression, explanation.
I worry for you.

All my deepest concerns,