Better Free

Locked behind bones wrapped in brocade
an indelicate escape plea
screaming inward for a reply.
This bustle will surely outgrow
the short lived modesty debut.

One could claim you're on a crusade
offending nobles in a spree
until it's protests can outcry,
overpower, your own deep woe -
setting you down, trapping anew.

Perhaps you'll set to work, or trade
Or marry yourself a marquis.
Resolve your fate with one more lie:
he undressed you patiently slow
then treats you as more than a screw


Bent toes cling to the surface that might fall.
Do I stand upon the ground or the wall?
Swaying in gentle breeze I brace
to plummet fast, but land with grace
if this dream deems me unworthy.

Clouds stream with torrential echoes of doubt
that nourish my inner progressions drought.
The grip of untrodden steps fails - 
I wait to land upon the shales
But fall upward into the stars.

Free floating among the weightless moonlight,
I look below with more pleasant hindsight.
I was bound in scared appeasement -
Now fear suffers a bereavement
as I cross into my own light.