Not So Tall Now

I stand tall at 5 foot 5 inches short.
Weighed down by the grief,
The struggling torment of loss.
The guilt of having helped,
Aided so inadequately.

I stand tall at 5 foot 0 inches short.
Stunted by the childless womb
That I coldly and selfishly bare.
The sin of youthful carelessness
Stripping my claim of having mothered.

I stand at 4 foot 7 inches short, only.
Shrunk by the burning depression
That I can't seem to kick.
My only employment today
Is self-hatred and tears.

I rest at 4 foot 2 inches short, roughly.
Dragged down by hatred,
The ostracization of my true self.
Unaccounted for in my mistakes,
Not responsible for my choices.

I stand, cowering at 1 foot.
Not so tall now.
Life, I screwed up,
Beat myself down.


Glass in hand,
Tongue in mouth,
A poor excuse for an escape.

Glass in hand,
Liquor in mouth,
One fine way to drown it out.

Glass in hand,
Mind still thinks,
Maybe a bit faster will help.

Glass in hand,
Eyes glaze out,
More is needed to settle.

Glass in hand,
Thoughts command,
Just swallow pride before this one.
Glass on lip,
Eyes closed,
One more breath to swallow.

Glass on deck,
Another in mind,
Perhaps the thought will stop.

Glass on lip,
Liquor tips,
The heart begins to race

​​Glass on deck,
Burning neck,
Just one more to ease the pain.

​Glass on lip,
Feelings split.
It's time. To have another.